Creating a Content Page

STEP 1 Log in to your SilverStripe admin area normally located at

STEP 2 To create a page, you will need to go to the ‘Page’ in the sidebar navigation in the CMS

STEP 3 Click the “Add new” button.

STEP 4 Then select where you want to create the page.

  • Top level: This will be on the same navigation level as Home, About and So on.
  • Under another page: You will see a dropdown with all the pages on the site listed. Here you will be able to choose the parent of the page.

For Example. If you wanted the new page to be under - about (

You would click add page, then select the about page from the resulting dropdown menu.

STEP 5 You would select which type of page you want to create.

page types

STEP 6 Once selected you will need to press create and it will create a draft version of the site.